Balancing the Budget: Taxing the Rich and Entitlements

I have been in the midst of a discussion regarding the ridiculousness of Obama and the Dems and the budget crisis. For some reason I have yet to fathom, capitalism is bad, the government (in this discussion, specifically Republicans) and wealthy citizens are the root of all evil.

The following is a back-and-forth I’ve been having with one of them on the subject. (My comments in red, his in blue.) I should point out that he claims to neither be a Democrat or Republican, neither Liberal nor Conservative. He has yet to state exactly what he believes in, other than the above-stated “rich are bad, capitalism is bad, Republicans suck” ideals. I mostly just think of him as a tin-hatter.

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Our Country Is Under Attack!

I, for one, don’t believe that the biggest threat to our country is Muslim extremists. Although terrorists are responsible for massive number of deaths in the United States and around the world, they aren’t the biggest threat to our country itself. What is? American liberal fruitcakes who seem to hate the United States and everything it stands for.

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WI politician wants to “smack around” woman who hung up on him

This is the best that the Democrats can come up with to run in the upcoming recall election?

Rep. Fred Clark (D-Baraboo), running in a recall election against Senator Luther Olsen, was caught on tape last week saying he would like to “smack around” a woman in his district.

The comment was recorded on the home answering machine of Sue and John Stapelman of Baraboo. Clark phoned the family while making campaign calls, and had a short, curt conversation with Sue Stapelman. Stapelman then hung up the phone, but her answering machine was still rolling, and caught Clark saying, “I feel like calling her back and smacking her around.”

John Hogan, director of the Committee to Elect a Republican Senate, said “This disturbing and inappropriate comment gives us an unfortunate glimpse of what Representative Clark is like when he thinks no one is listening. Domestic violence is a devastating problem in our state , and abuse is on the rise. To be able to so freely threaten violence against a woman, even in jest, shows a tremendous lack of character.”

And yet no coverage of this on the local news front or on any of the national MSM. However, if he was a Republican, you wouldn’t be able to get away from it plastered everywhere. Read more about this story and listen to the recording yourself here.

The Constitution? What’s that?

President Obama proves once again that he and his minions have either never read the United States Constitution or think they are above it. When are people going to wake up and see that Obama is the most anti-American President we’ve ever had?

‘What’s the big deal about illegal immigrants?’ – Obama

According to the Obama administration, we have no illegal immigrant problem. He goes down to El Paso (my hometown) and jokes about it. Forget the fact that illegal immigrants are raping, robbing and/or killing U.S. citizens all around the country. Even up here in Wisconsin, far from the southern border, we have problems with illegal immigrants. I can’t count the number of times there’s been a news story about someone having been murdered and the murderer is an illegal immigrant. Stories of high-speed chases that end in an innocent death or someone being seriously injured, and the driver in question is an illegal immigrant.

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Another Wis. Democrat Spews Lies

What is it about these Wisconsin Democrats and their lies? I guess they haven’t got any facts on their side, so they pull lies out of their butts in order to try and fool the fools who support them.

The latest is Gwen Moore, renown for not being one of the most straight-shooting or law-abiding Democrat we’ve seen in awhile. Her latest falsehood is claiming that Governor Scott Walker “literally invented a $3.6 billion deficit.”

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An exercise in futility with a Liberal

I don’t know why I bothered but I tried having an intelligent discussion with a liberal nutroot today. If this person was any more left-leaning, she’d fall over sideways and start heading around into the far right section. The last few months, I have taken to just ignoring her lunatic ravings but today wanted to try and talk reasonably with her. (Note that this was not going to go well at all, in my estimation, as I not only know her modus operandi but just a day or two ago, she referred to Obama as “our beloved President Obama.” This otherwise intelligent and enjoyable person not only seems to have had a drink of the Kool-Aid but also seems to have taken a full-body bath in it, immersing herself as though she was being baptized into his cult, then took a few took a few jugs home and hide them in her closet where she can periodically take a deep whiff of them and feel closer to her Messiah.

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A GOP debate? Really?

I really wish someone would explain to me why the GOP is having a debate right now. Don’t any of them have anything better to do with their time? I know it doesn’t seem like it from the way President Obama is campaigning all of the time but we’re quite a ways away from election time. I know its confusing when looking at His Prez but, let’s face it, he hasn’t stopped campaigning since he was elected. To paraphrase a liberal (but in this case appropriate movie), he’s been so busy all this time trying to keep his job that he’s almost completely forgotten to DO his job.

(By the way, I apologize for any spelling errors. I’m trying to type this out on my new Android tablet while sitting in the dark in bed.)  🙂

Obama’s minions continue their private business takeovers

Did you think Obama and his minions were done after Wall Street, banks and auto manufacturers? Think again. Next up in their crosshairs appears to be medical companies.

A government attempt to oust a longtime drug-company chief executive over his company’s marketing violations is raising alarms in that industry and beyond about a potential expansion of federal involvement in the business world.

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Prosser wins Wis. Supreme Court Re-election, proves union money can’t buy the election

(Personal note: Sorry for the lack of updates lately. Between being busy with life and not feeling terribly well, I just haven’t been up to it. Will return full-force shortly.)

A conservative justice has weathered attempts to link him to Wisconsin’s governor and a divisive union rights law and won re-election, according to county vote totals finalized Friday.

Tallies from each of the state’s 72 counties show Justice David Prosser defeated challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg by 7,316 votes. State election officials said they will wait to declare an official winner until the deadline for Kloppenburg to seek a recount passes. She has until Wednesday to call for one.

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